How It Works

While my photo scanning process is straightforward, I’m more than happy to walk you through the entire process before we begin.


Contact me to discuss your photo collection and needs.


Once you know which size package fits best for you, order it online and select any add-ons you wish to have.


After you place your order I will call or email you to confirm and arrange a time and location to pick up your photos, if you are in the Jacksonville area. You can also ship your photos to me from anywhere in the US, via FedEx or UPS with tracking and insurance, and I will ship them back to you once I am finished scanning them.


When I pick up your photos, please let me know how you would like them sorted. For example if you have one box of your parent’s photos and another box of your spouse’s family, I will scan and save and label them in separate folders.


Once I receive your photos I will sort them by size, type and category. Please let me know if you would like them saved in any specific folders or groups.


I inspect each photo for glue or tape and other elements which can be easily removed from the photos before scanning. Photos which have blemishes which cannot be removed will be set aside for manual scanning.


All of your photos will be scanned at the resolution and file format you selected in your order.


I will manually rotate your photos to the proper orientation, crop to the edge of each image, and deskew to make sure the images are straight. I also apply basic color and exposure corrections to every photo I scan to make them look their best. If you require additional photo editing services, they can be purchased as an add-on.


Your files will be saved on a USB Flash Drive as well as any additional media you selected, such as DVD or portable hard drive.


A Zip (archive) file will be created containing all files and I will email a link to download the file through a service called WeTransfer.


If you ordered the Generation or Professional package, or if you purchased them as add-ons, your original photos (4″x6” or smaller) will be placed in photo storage boxes for future safekeeping.


Once all scanning and corrections are complete, I will arrange a time and location to return your original photos and new USB Flash drive (and other media, if applicable), or have them shipped back to you.

Explore Our Bulk Photo Scanning Packages

We offer comprehensive solutions to digitize your extensive collection of photographs with ease and efficiency. Whether you have shoeboxes full of snapshots or albums brimming with memories, our tailored packages are designed to meet your needs, providing a seamless transition from physical to digital. Discover the convenience of preserving your cherished moments for generations to come with our specialized bulk scanning services. Prices are based on the number of photos you have to be scanned and start from $99 for our Starter Package for up to 400 photos.

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