Hi, I’m Prahlad!
I created the online service Photo Digitizer in 2021. With over 25 years experience, I specialize in bulk scanning and restoration of photos in a digital format for clients nationwide.

Photo Digitizer Founder: Prahlad Delaney
Prahlad Delaney, Founder of Photo Digitizer ( PhotoDigitizer.net )

I have been taking and collecting photos for over 25 years and currently have over 150,000 saved in my collection. I’ve worked as a professional graphic/web designer for 23+ years and have extensive experience with photography (both film and digital), photo editing, color correction and restoration. I’ve always had a talent for sorting and filing and am passionate about clean design and organization.

I have owned my own Web Design Consulting business for the past 8 years, which I love because it allows me to work from home on a flexible schedule. As the father of an elementary-school aged child, it is very important for me to be present at home to raise my daughter and provide the best life I am able to. I wanted to create a new business to expand my services and after doing extensive research on the latest equipment available, including professional-quality high speed scanners, I combined my talents in organization with my passion for photography and design to create Photo Digitizer.

Growing up, my father always told me that the best kind of job is one that you are so passionate about that it doesn’t feel like work; that’s how photo digitizing and editing is for me.

My father, who is in his early 70’s, also has a very large family photo collection containing photos spanning 75 years. Unlike my collection, which have almost all been taken with digital cameras, his photos are all prints and most have never been scanned or saved on a computer. For years he simply kept them in bags, boxes and old albums. We often talked about how if there was a fire or hurricane that those printed photos would be lost forever. We always agreed that he should have them scanned but it always seemed like such a huge project that no one in our family had the time to take on. Sure, there are plenty of services online but they are very expensive and time consuming with shipping back and forth. So his photo collection has remained in old boxes at his house for years.

My father was my first client and I scanned his entire photo collection of nearly 8,000 photos, ranging from 3×3” to 8”x10”, and saved them on a single USB Flash drive. The original photos are now stored in acid-free plastic archive boxes labeled by category or family member name. We now have the peace of mind knowing that our family photos will be preserved for future generations. No more paper bags, elastic bands and bent photos in old storage bins. Our family memories are now digitized, preserved and organized like they have never been before and my we can now easily share our old photos with other family members and friends online.

Photo Scanning Solutions

Modern solutions for yesterday’s memories.

In the digital age, printed photos may fade, but your cherished memories don't have to. I specialize in breathing new life into your treasured photos. My expertise allows me to restore colors, mend scratches and tears, and enhance tones, ensuring that your photos regain their original vibrancy. I take pride in preserving your memories and witnessing the joy on my clients' faces when they see their old photos revitalized on a computer screen. With the ability to digitize photo collections of any type and size, I'm here to help you scan and safeguard your family's priceless photos and memories. Let me be your partner in preserving the past, one photo at a time.

Scanning is only half of the solution.
The other half is organization.

I offer a variety of photo storage solutions in various sizes, ensuring your physical photo collection stays organized and protected for the long haul. Additionally, I can assist you in safeguarding your digital memories by saving them to USB Flash Drives, creating DVDs, or copying them onto an external hard drive. Digital downloads are always accessible at no extra cost. If you have multiple old hard drives or a significant number of files that need sorting or renaming, I'm here to streamline the process for you. Let me be your partner in the journey to organize and preserve your family's invaluable photos and memories.

Photo Digitizer Customers looking at photos on a tablet

Not just another bulk scanning business.

What sets me apart from other photo scanning companies is my unwavering commitment to a personal touch and meticulous attention to details. I approach each client's project with deep care, treating it as if it were my own. All the work is carried out by me, right from my home office here in Jacksonville, Florida. I never outsource any aspect of the process (except for custom photo printing).

For added convenience, I offer free local pickup and delivery services within the Jacksonville area (subject to mileage restrictions). This allows me to personally assess your photos, discuss your project, and address any specific requests before commencing the work. Alternatively, you can opt to ship your photos to me securely using UPS or FedEx, with tracking for peace of mind. Be assured, your photos will never leave my home office in Jacksonville, FL, except when they are ready to be shipped back to you!

…and much more!

I’m here to assist you with a wide array of graphic design projects, including flyers, postcards, logos, brochures, and business cards. Additionally, I specialize in web design, catering to everything from personal websites to full-fledged e-commerce platforms. In the realm of IT solutions, I bring expertise in hosting, domain setup, server configuration, and malware removal to the table.

Feel free to share your project needs with me, and I’ll be ready to lend a hand. With nearly 25 years of experience in the design and e-commerce industries, I’ve collaborated with clients of all sizes. I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity to work on your upcoming project.

For a closer look at my design portfolio and the services I offer, please visit Prahladdelaney.com.

Don Delaney
2 months ago
I had a large bin of loose family photos that I had taken in my 50 years of marriage and Prahlad Delaney scanned every one of 15,000 photos, improving them as he grouped and labeled them. He returned them to me in 5 clear, hard plastic cases that each held 16 photo size cases holding 100 photos each and a few clear cases to hold larger photos and documents. I labeled the outside of these using an inexpensive label maker gun from Walmart. Even my negatives were in large albums with clear pockets. Plus, all these photos are on a tiny thumb drive. Prahlad showed me how to put them all on my home computer looking like they were taken yesterday and Prahlad taught me how to use a free program to catalog them and further crop, lighten, and spot-remove the photos if I wish. I can even colorize the black-and-white photos. Now I can easily email photos from "The good old days" to all my family and friends and they can print them or post them or email them to their family and friends and I will always have my originals and negatives! Thank you Prahlad!
Mahavisnupriya Dasi
a year ago
I was so pleasantly surprised by this young man's work on my old and out dated photos. He restored them to better than new status. Most incredible! Worth every cent! I will certainly use P. Delaney again and again. He's an expert!!!
Kim Wygle
a year ago
Extraordinary service! Prahlad is a true professional--able to guide you through the process of getting exactly what you need from your photos and delivers project on time as promised. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend!
Lisa K
a year ago
I had over 2000 photos digitized many of which included very old, tiny photos and negatives, many torn and faded. All were restored beautifully. I highly recommend this business.
Mohamed Barry
2 months ago
Honest, responsible, reasonable, and high quality production


Any Questions?

I would love to speak with you about your photo collection and how your goals for organizing and archiving it. Everyone’s project is unique and there is certainly no one-size-fits-all-package when it comes to digital photos and family memories. I’m happy to talk to you over the phone, via text or through email. Tell me about your photo collection, I’d love to hear about it!

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